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Oyster Fine de Claire N.3 - 12 pcs.


A set of 12pcs. HKD$18 per 1 pc.


The Fine de Claire de Pontac oysters come from the Marenne French Region.

They are for those who prefer less fleshy oysters. These oysters are finished for several weeks in shallow clay ponds where they acquire a superior quality shell to oysters grown in the open sea. It is during this process that the claires of the Marennes Oléron basin impart the subtleties of regional flavours. This oyster is particularly appreciated by people who prefers an oyster rich in water and balanced in flavour.




Finished in claires for a minimum of 28 days (between November and March), maximum density 3 kg per square metre.



  • All Marennes Oléron oysters are: :
  • Cultured on the French Atlantic coast
  • Finished or cultured in claire ponds in the Marennes Oléron basin
  • Certified by an independent inspector
  • Quality controlled by the quality service and independent inspector


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Oysters Fine de Claire N.3 - 12 pcs.