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Selected by De La Valley, our Cheese platters are unique for anyone who loves Artisanal French Cheese. Handpicked by our Gastronomy Conseiller, this selection brings you full enjoyment of cheese tasting experience. This particular selection is designed for party size of 14 to 16 people and offer a full variety of cheese. Definitely our top recommendation!


Luxury Selection Contains:


2 pc of Pelardon (Creamy goat milk cheese) 100g

2 pc of Crottin de Chavignol (Dry aged goat milk cheese) 120g

1 pc of Camembert de Normandie AOP (Soft cow milk cheese) 250g

1 pc of Reblochon (Semi-soft cow milk cheese) 250g

1 pc of Saint Nectaire 1-month (Semi-soft cow milk cheese) 250g

1 pc of Chaource (Soft cow milk cheese) 250g 

1 pc of Morbier 100 Days (Semi-hard cow milk cheese) 250g

1 pc of Comte 24 Months (Hard cow milk cheese) 250g

1 pc of Fourme D'ambert (Blue soft cow milk cheese) 250g




The picture reflects the actual size and selection of the cheese, yet does not include the sides.

The majority of our cheese is unpasteurised and not recommended for pregnant women.

LUXURY Cheese Platter serves 14 to 16 people approx. 2kg